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Personal tax number ID tag soon mandatory at shipyards

From the beginning of July this year, everyone working in the shipbuilding industry needs a personal tax number ID card.
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Agreement negotiations mostly complete

All national collective agreements of the Industrial Union have now been drawn up.
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Fighting against migrant worker exploitation

As the number of foreigners has until recent years been relatively low, Finland has been slow to wake up and understand the exploitation mechanisms of foreign workers.
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Average pay rise for this year is 2 per cent

The line of the Industrial Union is clear: all members must get collective agreement level terms of work in spite of the size of the company.
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Collective bargaining is alive and kicking

In the last few years we have witnessed major changes in Finnish labour market relations. The Industrial Union has vowed not to let any member stand alone.
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Union´s new regional centres begin their work

New times demand new measures: the Industrial Union will undergo some reorganisation from the beginning of the year 2022.
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Membership dues go down to one per cent

When a member of a trade union, one pays membership dues. In Finland, this is practical and convenient, as most employers deduct union membership dues directly from the wage.
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New merged unemployment fund requires no action from members

From the beginning of January 2022, the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers will amalgamate with two other unemployment funds.
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Time to act for occupational safety

An important part of Finnish working life are the occupational health and safety representatives – työsuojeluvaltuutettu in Finnish.
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Accidents at work: what to do?

Annually, one in 800 Industrial Union members suffers an accident while working. Death at work luckily enough, is fairly uncommon in Finland, but these sad events do happen.

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