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“I want to believe in peace in 2023”

Yulia Bielokrynytska moved to Seinäjoki from Ukraine with a desire to experience new things. Now, she is the chief shop steward at her workplace.
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Your vote matters

What is the Union Congress? It is the highest decision-making body in the Industrial Union. It convenes every fifth year, next time in Tampere 22–24 May 2023.
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Four cornerstones

There are four cornerstones in The new Industrial Union strategy: labour market activity, organisational strength, influencing society and enablers.
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Joint goals for the coming years

The Finnish Industrial Union is now preparing its strategy for the years 2023–2028. The final document will be adopted by the Union Congress in May 2023 in Tampere.
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Time to elect shop stewards

Shop stewards are among the most important people in the Industrial Union. They represent employees at workplaces.
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Your local branch needs you

Now is the time to have some say and influence: the local branches will hold their autumn general meetings in October and November.
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Use your democratic rights in the union elections

The Industrial Union is a democratic union. This means that power comes from the members and members are the ones who elect delegates to the union Congress.
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“This training was an eye-opener” – Learning the rules of Finnish working life

A pilot training on the rules of working life in English, organised by the Industrial Union in Murikka-opisto, gathered 19 active participants.
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Summer means summer holiday

Summer is here. And, hopefully, summer holidays, too. If employed, the Finnish Annual Holidays Act says that you have the right to a paid annual holiday.
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Personal tax number ID tag soon mandatory at shipyards

From the beginning of July this year, everyone working in the shipbuilding industry needs a personal tax number ID card.

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