Jessica Raita, secretary of her local union chapter and responsible for membership issues urges people to familiarise themselves with the Industrial Union’s career services. ”You never know what the future holds for you”, she says in Tekijä 3/2020.

Time for training and career coaching

In this time of massive temporary lay-offs and vanished social activities it might be a good moment to think about a future professional career. The Industrial Union is offering help in this area.


The labour market organisations in the technology industry – both trade unions and employers’ associations – recommend carpe diem in this respect. In other words, now is a good time to avail of training opportunities. Training and courses have not come to an end because of the corona crisis, there are many possibilities available, either web courses or tailored services.

Information about these can be found from TE Offices (Labour Exchanges). The Industrial Union has also set out a list of suitable courses available around the country. This can be found on the Union web page under the name or title Tietopaketti koulutustarjonnasta.

Right now, it is easier to study even if one is claiming unemployment benefits. The Unemployment Security Act was amended temporarily so that employees who register as jobseekers at the TE Office have the right to unemployment benefit during lay-offs even if they are engaged in studies or training.

The amended Act will apply to those laid off starting from 16 March 2020 or later and it will remain in force until 31 July 2020.


Since autumn 2019, the Industrial Union has offered career services for its members. These services are offered by UP Partners, a specialised company working together with several trade unions.

Through these services it is possible to get tips on job seeking and help to improve one’s skills and develop one’s professional career. This help covers a wide range of things, beginning from how to make a nice CV to giving tailored personal advice for professional careers. The services operate online and are free for union members.

As a union member, you can have a personal coach. You book a time for her or him to discuss together what possibilities there might be for you to prepare for the future. The meeting will be by phone or video, which is all important these days.

It is possible to get personal coaching in Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian or Russian. The discussions are confidential, and the professional coach can help and guide union members on all aspects of working life issues.

The online services also include up to 40 webinars annually, online courses and tools and a video library for more tips. These are usually in Finnish.

The Industrial Union career services also have a Facebook group. Currently it has over 200 members and a UP Partners career coach answers questions in the group. There is also a chat possibility for quick questions.

Detailed information concerning these services can be found on the Union web page under the title Career services. From this page one can log on to the UP Partners designed web career portal for Industrial Union members. This can be done by using your personal online banking codes. You will then automatically be directed to the right page.