Your vote matters



What is the Union Congress? It is the highest decision-making body in the Industrial Union. It convenes every fifth year, next time in Tampere 22–24 May 2023.

What does it do? It decides the policy and strategy for the union. It also elects the union leadership.

Who will be there? All decision-making power in the union comes from its members. A total of 442 delegates are elected through universal suffrage under a system of proportional representation in each electoral district.

What is your electoral district? It depends on the collective agreement applicable to your work. If it is the one covering the technology industry or technical service and maintenance, you will vote in one of the 13 regional electoral districts of these agreements.

Other ones vote in some of the 21 national level electoral districts, depending on their collective agreement. For instance, if you are working in the chemical basic industry, you vote in the electoral district of the chemical basic industry.

Who can vote? All union members who are available for working life: all those working or unemployed from 15 to 68 year old who are members, entrepreneur members, and those on a part-time pension.

Together we bargain, alone we beg.

Who are the candidates? A minimum of ten members with the right to vote can come together and select their own candidate. These groups can join together to form an electoral alliance. The deadline is 31 January 2023.

When to vote? Elections take place 10–31 March 2023. Voting is possible either electronically or by mail. The results of the elections will be announced on 5 April.

Why vote? It is your democratic right to have a say in union policy. Viewed globally, union rights are too often violated and union members harassed. By voting you send a strong message to the whole world: a free and strong union is important.

Who to vote for? It is absolutely you and no one else who decides. The elections are secret, you have full freedom to choose your own candidate.

What to remember? Together we bargain, alone we beg.


Congress works for you

For three days in May, the Union Congress 442 delegates, union employees, national and international guests and media gather at Tampere Hall.

The Congress will decide the union policy and strategy for the next five years. Also, it elects the Council, President, Vice Presidents and other members of the Board.

Every congress delegate is elected by universal suffrage, and they represent directly the union members. Every vote is counted, every vote matters.

Between the congresses, the union Council leads the union. It decides on union collective agreements, industrial actions and appoints the board for each agreement sector.

For every beginning 2 000 members, each agreement sector has one member on the Council. At the momentthe Council is composed of a President, three Vice Presidents and 79 other members.

Local branches can influence Congress decisions directly by tabling motions. These will also be duly discussed in the Congress.

The slogan for the Congress is Sign me up!, Sopii mulle in Finnish. It sums up a union that is ready to agree and make deals in the interest of its members. Unions want to develop this country and take it forward. Therefore Sign me up!


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